Manufacture of cylinder liner & sleeves from gray cast iron alloy to meet IS-FG220/ASTM Material Grade.

Melted gray cast iron alloy in induction furnace to ensure high corrosion and wear resistance at the 1400@c to get best Quality which is free from all type of impurities.

Centrifugal casting

Cylinder liner & sleeves are made only by centrifugal casting process by advanced centrifugal casting machine.

Various processes through gravity die-casting machines and auto shell molding machine.

Centrifugal casting machine speed of the rotation up to 1400 rpm.

The casting is removes from the mould at temperature of 500 degree Celsius.

CNC Turning

The machining of outer diameter, grooves and radius of cylinder liners are processed on advanced CNC machine, along with superior capacity and instant inspection facilities.

Plateau Honing

The inner diameter is honed by PLC controlled plateau hydraulic machine to achieve exact geometry and surface roughness parameters.


Cylinder Liners, Sleeves and Air Cooled Blocks are coated with rust preventive oil and covered in VCI paper which is humidity free in corrugate box.