Cylinder Liners

  • Centrifugally Cast cylinder liner liners & sleeves with precise machining.
  • Manufactured with isFG220/ASTM material specification with chromium & nickel elements
  • Micro structure & chemical composition analysis of each and every batch.
  • Fine Plateau Honed cylinder liner bore.
  • Cylindrical Grinning to archive geometrical parameters.

Valve Guides

  • Valve Guides are made from gray Cast iron alloy. We offered Brass, Bronze and copper backed materials.
  • The machining of outer diameter with tolerance 15 to 20 microns and inner diameter 25 Microns
  • Cylindrical Grinning to archive geometrical parameters.
  • Hardness of Valve Guides must be 210to260 BHN.

Engine Valves

  • The Engine Valves are made up of heat resistant alloy.
  • Various processes like Chrome Flash on Stem stellite on seat and tip area, Nitriding/ Tuftriding are offered.
  • The machining of outer diameter and radius of engine valves are processed on CNC Machine.
  • The engine valve we produced from steam 4 to 20 mm and 25 to 250 mm head dia and 450 mm length

Valve Seats

  • Valve Seats are made from high Quality chromium and Nickel.
  • Valve Seats ground surface is maintained 15 to 20 Microns and face parallelism @ 10 microns.
  • 100% dimensions inspection and Visual Inspection of Valve seat inserts.
  • Hardness of Valve Seats must be 30 to 35 HRC.
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