Valve Seats Inserts

Valve Seats

    The valve seat insert prevents the impact/burying of the valve into the cylinder head. It absorbs a proportion of the combustion heat with which the valve is charged. The valve seat insert gives off this heat to the cylinder head. To meet the different strains, an optimum material composition of the valve seat inserts must be found. Not only must the operating conditions in the engine be considered, but also the machinability of the material for the engine reconditioned.

  • Valve Seats are made from High Quality Chromium and Nickel.
  • Valve Seats ground surface is maintained 15 to 20 microns and face parallelism @ 10 microns.
  • 100% dimensions Inspection and Visual Inspection of Valve seat Inserts.
  • Hardness of Valve Seats must be 30 to 35 HRC.

Valve Seats Specifications


In the most recent engine generations of renowned car manufacturers, valve seat inserts made of sintered material (powder metallurgical procedure) are used. The increasingly high, thermal strain of the seat insert in the combustion chamber can hardly be met anymore by materials from conventional casting processes. For this reason, Motorservice offers sintered valve seat inserts amongst others from two different material combinations, which covers the entire application range of future engines.

  • Sintered Metal Seat Inserts
  • Cast Iron Seat Inserts

Production Capacity

30000 pieces per month

*Believe in Quality not Quantity


Material Percentage (%)
C 1.50 to 2.20%
Si 0.80 to 1.00%
Mn 0.80 to 1.00%
P 0.04 %Max
S 0.07%
Cr 12.0 to 14.0%
Mo 2.0 to 2.50%
Ni 0.50% Max